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      Hay :)

      Right so,Its now 7th December 2009 i’m in third year,in a well known all boys school in the south of the country (ahem..Cork..ahem)

      My Christmas exams start in a week on wednesday and so far since September I have done a combined total number of 5 hours studying time(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) so basically I am .. F&@ked

      yay fun


      The point of this Thread is for anyone (in my boat or not) to come and rant about the utter joys of Christmas tests and that forsaken thing we refer to as the Junior Cert

      This thread is for EVERYONE :)

      You can ask questions about stuff

      Talk about your feelings (lol Dr,Phil moment) stress etc

      Or anything really

      Okay well..

      Imma leave ye know to ‘study’





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      Haa cork all dah way :P

      tbh i dnt no r undastand y we do xmas tests in 3rd nd 6th year!

      its so stupid

      yhoo do dah xmas test den holzz

      den cum bac do pres

      few months den yi avta do dah real ting

      we shud av classes while evaone else does exams:P:)

      i shud b elected to dah pupils council lyk:D

      so idk hw to help yi cuz bih late nw lyk:L buh hope yi did well nd gud luck 8)


Viewing 1 reply thread
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