wud hons maths be of much benefit 2 me for careers in science???

Forums Career Qs (Closed) wud hons maths be of much benefit 2 me for careers in science???

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      i want to study some form of science nxt year when i leave school but dont no if i need honours maths for the science courses?? at the mo i dont tink i wil pass the honours maths! should i move down to pass or wil this lower the number of courses i can choose????

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      If you want to study chemistry or physics, it would be advisable to have completed the honours maths syllabus and sit the exam. For the biological/ biochemical sciences, it is not as important, but it is always benificial to have completed honours maths to study any science subject at third level.

      All science courses have some maths modules. The standard of these maths modules would be honours maths level and higher. If you have sat the honours maths paper successfully, you would find it easier to get good marks in these modules. There are sections of the higher maths syllabus that is not covered in the ordinary level exam e.g. Integration (important when studying modules like physical chemistry at third level).

      I would advise to study for the honours paper. You can always do the ordinary level paper if you want to when the time comes. Find a person to help you with the higher level syllabus.

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      hi, tanks for the advise! i was at a careers day a few days ago and i now think i’m going to go for some kind of a biology course next year! maybe biomedical science! one of the people there said that honours would be of benefit but wasn’t a requirement!

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      As Tim rightly said, honours maths would be advisable especially for chemistry and physics related courses. However, it is very important that you check the entry requirements for any course you wish to consider. Honours maths is not an entry requirement for the majority of science degrees but may be advisable. Check http://www.qualifax.ie for the various course requirements by doing a “Course search” and selecting the CAO option. Type in “Science” and select the honours degrees . Don’t mind filling in any other option just click on “Search” and you will 211 honours degrees in all sorts of sciences so check out their course requirements before you decide to apply. You can also start studying the various sciences at Higher Certificate (Level 6) and that certainly does not require honours Maths and you can work your way up the ladder system to an honours degree that way also. Good luck! Miriam

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