why u chose medicine??????????????

Forums Career Qs (Closed) why u chose medicine??????????????

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      i just want to ask all the people who aspire to be future doctors,or are already in med school why u chose medicine?

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      hey,,,well i applied this year to study med. I did so because as both my parents are doctors i always grew up around this particular career. I know how much it demands and i know how rewarding it is. I also love science,i live for biology i really and truly enjoy it! Ive worked with childred since i was 12 as i did part time work in a play school so im really good with kids too,im hoping to specialise in paeds afterwards. i just think its the perfect career for me,,its offering me all that i love ! and i get to help people from all walks of life aswel,another bonus…hopefully ill get in :) thanks for asking XD

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