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      I did Physics in UCD for 3 years and you definitely need maths to understand Physics – it is the language of Physics much the same as you needing to know the Arabic alphabet if you want to read Qur’an or the Rudiments of music if you want to read music. Otherwise you spend loads of time in college trying to catch up because lots ot the other students with you will have done really well in Higher Maths.

      An important thing to note about maths for Physics is that it is not the METHOD that is as important as the CONCEPTS BEHIND THE THEORY which makes College much different from School.

      Doing applied maths is excellent foundation work for any science subject involving physics. Don’t forget I give grinds in Physics, Maths and Applied Maths and I’m based in Dublin 15

      Questions welcome.

      Learning is a life long love-affair

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      I’m doing higher maths and being honest, the three of us in the class are finding it hard in different areas of the course, But I think that doing honours maths is a choice, I know many people who dropped to pass because they found it too hard. Now one of the lads is regreting it because a lot of the engineering courses are blocked by the requirement of higher maths.

      I personally think it is worth the hassle, and it is going to be hard, because of the fact that it is higher maths. I think the best way to do it is do as many exam papers questions as you can, looking at different ways to doing the maths, and manipulating the question

      what are other people’s opinions on doing higher maths?

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      It really depends on what you want to do,if you need it then obviously its worth it but if you dont and you dont get a *buzz* as my teacher says out f doing it then the stress associated with it is just ridiculous!!!! I do it cos i enjoy coming home and working problems out not cos i need to do it.

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      There are also extra points on offer for certain colleges such as UL – that is why one of the lads is keeping his higher level maths since he wants to go to UL

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      I went down to pass at Christmas and since then, I’ve gone up in everything else. I know I could have passed in honours but it wasnt worth it as I don’t need it . I have so much more time now for my other subjects now

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      thats why a lot of people in my class dropped down – they found that higher level maths was taking up too much time compared to their other subjects, and so decided to drop down to lessen their burden

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      i’m doin honors everything and maths is the only 1 i wouldn’t drop down in. i know it’s time consuming, but i find that one hour spent on maths or even chemistry feels like 15 minutes, whereas an hour spent on the likes of english or biology feels like forever..! any1 agree? :D

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      yeah it does, I could spend an hour no problem on maths, and happily spend an hour on it, but English and sometimes Geography esp. the essays seem to take forever

      Honours maths all the way!!!!!!!!!

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      Honours maths is well worth it if you are in any way capable of it. It gives a much broader insight into maths, along with a certain degree of rigor that is missing from the pass course.

      It’ll stand to you even if you don’t go on to do anything maths based in college/career.


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