Vet, primary school teacher or Physio?

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      I am confused as to which of these careers i should do. I know noone can answer the question for me but if ye could give the benefits of studying these jobs and why? I like veterinary because of the animals but hate the hours you need to work, teaching seems so nice but im afraid ill get fed up of it after a few years!

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      Hi, I know i’m betweena couple of courses like yourself at the momen t, theyre completely different courses but i’m very confused..


      Do you life on a farm? Ccause i’ve seen some nasty things in the middle of the dark freezing winter that are better off undiscussed, you would have to have a serious love of animals, and let’s be honest a strong stomach.. I’ve seen this tiny female vet just out of college get bucked by a crazy horse at like 3.30 in the morning..


      I’ve done 4 weeks work experience placements in varying primary schools, it is hard. You really have to have a nice, gentle and caring personality to work with small kids, they sometimes wear on your patience.. However it could be very rewarding, but also very very repetive in terms of work load ect.. but the holidays and short days are tempting.


      Ever been to one?.. I have on soooooooo many occasions bad knees, pulled hamstrings ect. from running, don’t know what this would be really like, but i know u would have to have quite good social skills and a love of biology..

      That’s all from me if you want to ask more feel free.

      Or go to and this could give you a good idea

      Good Luck!

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      thanks for posting well i live on a farm alright and have 8 horses so i know all about them!! i do like animals but not sure if the workload is for me

      primary teaching seems ok but i have a feeling i would just get bored or snap at some stage!

      i’ve never been to a physio so i don’t what they’re like, i know what they do but not how they do it!

      I have some serious thinking to do!

      What were you thinking of doing longford man?

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