Using articles from Dréimire in essays in the Leaving Cert?

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      Hi. I was just wondering, if you learn off an article from an Irish magazine like Dréimire and use it in an essay in the real Leaving Cert, and the examiner has read it before and knows it’s not your original work, will you lose marks?

      Please help.

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      I don’t think they can. as long as its accurate and its relevant to the title. thats all that matters i think. if i were you i would take bits out of the essay and use them to make up your own essay. at least that way you will have you back covered. my teacher writes up a sample essay and we each change it a bits. by the end the essays are fairly different

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      Where can you buy that Irish magazine Dréimire ?

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      Where can you buy that Irish magazine Dréimire ?

      We used to get it through the school but, I do pass now. It’s sold by Gael Linn, I found it on their website :)

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      the problem with learning it straight out of the book is that there are probably another thousand or so that are doing it as well! What you should do is to put together your own essay from a few other essays, using paragraphs from relevant essays

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      I agree with the others put together your own essay using it thats what I do.

      our teacher underlines words or phrases in it that could be usefull in essays. Its a bit dodge learning the whole thing

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      Personally I would classify that as plagiarism, which is not usually deemed acceptable in the Leaving Cert. You can lose a lot of marks for it in other subjects and I’m not sure why Irish would be any different.

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      all they look for in the aiste is good grammer, they wont care really if you copy something as long as the content is relevent and grammar!!

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