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      for these how do you answer questions about them on the exam

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      unfortunately theres no other way other than learning them off by heart. you will get 2 theorems and 1 construction. plus theres the numerical bits where you apply the deductions from theorems and corollaries. did you have any particular question in mind?

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      :for these how do you answer questions about them on the exam

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      Would the theorems not include the construction though?

      Meh! Damn those theorems.

      So will you get the name of two theorems and prove them.

      Then get the construction for one and prove the theorem it belongs to??

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      Ther not dat hard to learn strangly enough!!I thought i wud never be able to do them but if you just keep doin the past exam questions,ul learn them alot faster then sittin down n memerisin them!!!/

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      im hopless at them but i think that if u get the other parts right it not so bad/ / /

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      iv 2 lern dese theorems in irish cuz im in an irish skool! but i find if u lern d main point of how 2 solve the theorem u can work out d rest! i duno if dat makes sense r is it jus me! lol

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      u get four theorems nd u gotta draw d consructions 4 dem all!! im hopeless at dem!!

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