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      :Had to do that queation last week in class!Did your teacher give you any notes on the story.I used sentences from them to answer the q

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      Had to do that queation last week in class!Did your teacher give you any notes on the story.I used sentences from them to answer the q

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      Not much of a comment: QUOTE [well small child or small family]

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      In the sceal An Bean Og dicuss the relationship between the woman and/or her children? Can you please help?

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      “Leirionn an bhean og an ghra do na paisti sa sceal” – she loves her children a lot . she spends most of her time with them because she just greets the neighbours thats about as involved with them as she is.

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      I use the book Fuinneamh :)
      it’s good for giving the story, then a summary and notes on the characters, Themes and Emotions of the story .
      although this story hasn.t got many characters, i must say i like it because it is quite easy when you learn some good sentences.
      like if u know the story in english, it helps eg.
      She’s a young woman, in the gaeltacht, 2 small kids, husband working in dublin, her hubbie is smart and doesnt like her wearing make up and she writes letters to him in english.
      she brings the children to the beach every day and speaks to them in irish, she is quite worried about her younger child’s speech, and she doesnt know the locals. :)

      if anybody would like help translating this into irish or other notes on the themes and emotions, just post a reply

      i am repeating the leaving cert by the way :D
      good luck :)

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      thank u so much!X any other important information about the poem?

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      U mean the story lol :)
      erm thats pretty much it to be honest :) very easy when you get your head around the story :)
      will you be able to get irish translations for good sentences:?

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      Where can you get irish to english / english to irish translations on the internet for free??? Our book is crap 4 all of these stories.. teacher is 2 she doesnt focus on them long enough:(

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      Any on got notes of Bhen Og??

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      make sure u talk about lonleyness(uaigneass) and deprression(bronach)
      her husbands not there…she has no energy and she doesn’t talk 2 anyone in the locality!!

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      The question my teacher told us that we had to answer was.. explain the relationship with the husband and speak about the day they had? can any1 tell me what wud be a good answer to this.. and if possible translate to irish also. Thanks !! :) By the Way .. I have the test 2mra :( LOL

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      Hey can you translate that and do you have any more notes on themes??….Thanks :DđŸ˜€ x


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      hi im new so im kinda lost. eh how can i get notes for an bhean og ???

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      anyone have anything on gra or oige sa an bhean og??

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