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      Well im picking my subjects this week 4 5th year and i’m really confused :|

      I want 2 do primary teaching but it’s 480 points and will probably rise đŸ˜¯

      As well as this i have to get a C3 in HL Irish, and to be honest this will be a struggle

      I want to pick subjects so i can get at least a B1 in them,

      Im quite good at english and got an A in Higher Junior so i would be looking for at least an A2 in that.

      So back to my problem i need to pick 2 more subjects that i would be capable of getting at least a B1 in ( Music and French are definate).

      I don’t really like biology but enjoy Chemistry as of this year!

      So if anyone could give me any help



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      Business is goood 4 points if your wiling to work_

      Also i dont do chemistery but its meaanta get realllLy hard 4 da leaving cus most of the girls in my year are getting grinds already! đŸ˜¯

      How many subjects you planning on keeping?

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      em im going to do 7 subjects and LCVP

      English, Irish, Maths, French, Music and blank blank.

      Have 2 get 2 chosen!

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      Geography: Its real life topics and its interesting. 20% project in 6th year. Knowledge learned can be elaborated on easily. With The option Question u could practically know an answer that will give u the 16% of the exam. Not by heart but common sense on ur chosen topic. Alot of the figures and quotes can be gotten from ur own gathering as the examiner is rewarding to those that think outside the box and isnt not learning off answers. The actual exam itelf is so broad in itself and if the right questions are picked then an A or a B is very possible. Back to the project. We went to Killarney yesterday and had to observe the process of erosion in a Owengarrif river. Wellies couldnt keep the water out, it was an unbelievable day and was interesting to to say the least. Geography itself is alot more hands on and there was no way that we were getting out of Killarney without knowing everything about fluvial(river) erosion in such a cool manner. Definitly give it a try and if u have done it for junior then not much changes just a step up in the knowledge needed.

      Home Ec: I know ur probably thinking “Thats such a girly subject”. But in reality its alot different. U only cook 5 times for the 20% practicals and its isnt 5 random recipes either. U learn and understand the brief at hand and then u choose what dish would best suit for ur selection criteria. For example this year there was a dish that was supposed to be high in calcium and low in fat as it was supposed to be suited to the prevention of Ostioperosis. My partner and i chose Tuna & Sweetcorn Quiche. Doesnt sound that tasty i know but u dont have to actually have to finish the dish just taste and note its texture, appearance etc. And i didnt do Home Ec for Junior Cert either but something about the science aspect of food and learning information that can be used first hand just drove me to doing it. Something to think about.

      Hope that helps Longfordman ;)

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      I’m repeating the LC this year and my advice is avoid chemistry like the plague! Its so nice and sweet in 3rd year but unless your mathematically minded do not pick chemistry!

      Biology too is alot of work and if you don’t like it now you probably won’t for the leaving!

      I took up Geography and Business this year and being honest so far they’re really easy, I didn’t even do business in the jc so its a possibility! And geog is very simular to the jc too so if you found it alright then it’ll be fine now with effort!

      Home Ec is a good one to pick up if you’re doing biology they link alot, now I did loads of work for it last year, got the 20% in my project and pulled a B3 in the end.. People have this insane idea its really easy and it is at times but there’s alot of detail and trying to remember the properties, sources and RDA’s of all your vitamins and minerals isn’t something to be taken lightly and it is a very long exam, you’ll be writing non stop to the end!

      Hope this helps you! :-)

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