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      Could people please give me some advice?
      Well, I was hoping to do medicine, I got 570 in the LC, but didnt get in due to my HPAT. I declined my second choice, and therefore Im gona have to take the year out anyway. Im now debating whether I should repeat or not. I didnt do chemistry for the LC, therefore Im going to study that for the year. I am thinking of repeating everything though so I could have an option of going to UCC and do the 5 yr course (I would need to repeat to do this as all the requirements for med must be achieved in the one sitting of the LC. Im going to sit the HPAT again aswell.

      But now Im having doubhts about medicine, and if its the right career path for me. If I repeated everything, I might change my mind throughout the year and repeating will be a waste. Im also worried I wont get into med second time round. People think Im crazy to even consider repeating! However all my friends are coming back to repeat, and I love my school anyway so I wouldnt mind repeating in that sense.

      Do people think I should repeat anyway, just to fill up time during the year? I wont be doing anything else for the year. But there tose cons aswell.
      Can ye please give me any bit of advice?

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      thats a real tough 1. Most people ive ever met who repeated 6th year in their old school regreted it. Although you did mention u lik school. I personally cud not face into a new english course. With regard to your uncertainty about whether medicine is for you I would advise contacting a lecturer of medicine in a college and asking to observe with them for a few days. I obtained work experience in UCD with an animal science lecturer and I was allowed to do loads lik sit into genitics lectures, animal disections and a few labs also and i found out that the animal side of research wasnt for me. Medicine is a hard course and needs constant hard work but with 570 points ud be well able for it but u have to be prepared in ur internship to work up to and above 30 hour shifts with only short resting periods during this. Also during this year u get treated lik shit by some of the nurses and senior doctors as they grab their chance at superiority. U shud try and watch the irish programme junior doctors if u can. I personally would prefer spending the year working to get money for college and growing my aptitude capability and medical knowledge for the HPAT exam. I would not really want to improve on 570. But its up to u at the end of the day and I hope my advice helps. I personally wud luv to do medicine but it will hav 2 be thru a post grad.

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      Thanks very much for your advice mad al! By the way checked my scripts today, Im now on 580, added up my biology wrong, went up by 16 mrks and I was already on 89.5%! Getting business rechecked aswell.
      I know this is a really hard decision for me, Im literally clueless! I dont particularly want to ‘wait’ around for a year waiting for the HPAT to come, and I have no guarantee Id even get a job. Im ok for money as I have recieved extra funding, which will make me feel quite comfortable in college (hopefully college fees wont disturbe this too much!)
      If I did repeat Id drop to pass in english and irish so thats less of a burden. Ill be waiting around for the year if I dont repeat. I hate the summer in that sense as I have very little to do. But repeating is such a huge decision, especially in my situation. Ugh!!!!! Im so confused!!!!!! I suppose I could always drop out if I find it too hard.
      But Im worried if medicine is the right career path for me as I already said. Ill defo take your advice and ring around the unis and see if they could take me up for the year. But maths is my strongest area, I am a consistene student in maths and applied maths, never get anything below an A1, so Im thinking am I wasting this skill, and I love the subject. But there a huge difference from saying you love it in school and doing it for the rest of your life.
      Does anyone else have any theories on what I should do?

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      I meant short observation periods in the unis not the whole year i doubt very much they would agree to that but sur ya cud giv it a go. Again its up to you but repeating with 580 points seems slightly pointless apart from keeping urself ocupied + I think ul find it hard to get motivated knowing that u hav 580 points to fall back on. cud u not do a plc course for a year or a premed course somewhere? If u enjoy medicine u will be well able to keep up with the work believe me u are among the elite of the country.

      I hope it all works out well for you and I understand how frustrating it must be that u cant get into medicine with 580 points. Im not sur if the HPAT is the way forward. I feel interviews are the best method.

      P.S go on and look up medicine courses in EDU section of the site and email some students with ur questions about the course.

      Good Luck with it.

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