Should I drop Honours Irish for my LC?

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      Hey :)

      Im in 5th year atm and the subjects im doing are:

      English (HL)

      Maths (HL)


      Chemistry (HL)

      French (HL)

      Engineering (HL)

      Art (HL)

      I have an absolutely brutal honours teacher and wanted to drop down even though im good at irish and well able for Higher Level but since im doing all honours subjects i don’t know whether its better to get an A1 in pass or a C or D in Honours. I also wanted to focus on my Maths/Chemistry/English the most….

      Any Suggestions?? All help appreciated :D

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      if you have a bad teacher then think about dropping, im doing higher and it takes up an awful lot of time! if you are having to try to make up for lost time with what you should be doing in class (as i am having to do) then you would prob be better focusing on maths, especially as your lucky year will get bonus points for higher maths!!

      you will find ord irish a joke after higher!!

      do think about it though, and see what will maximise your points which unfortunatly is what the LC is about!

      hope that helps..

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      Yeah that makes sense thanks a mill!:D

      I just dont want to regret not dropping down and not spending time on maths and stuff…our teacher is a joke though and i hate her so im not going to work for her (havent been so far).I got 74pc in my christmas test without studying so maybe i should stay??:P

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