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      im so dissapointed, i didnt get my nursing and got no offers at all. i thought it was a mistake when it said i had no offers, i can’t believe the points went up so much. its not fair!! how likely are you 2 be offered a place on the second round, or should i just dust of my uniform now???

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      OMG…im in thevery same boat as you….my points for psych nursin which i was so sure i got went up 95points nearly had a stroke….i hope something cums up in 2nd round or thats it

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      thats so strange i wanted 2 do psych nursing aswell, i was dead sure i had a place aswell, where didi u wanna go? its horrible ireally dont wanna repeat. Fingers crossed!!

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      exact same!!!! thought i was the only 1!! got no offers at all! thought i was on a bit early or something, was so upset over it! wat ar u’s all gonna do nw?? i really dont want 2 repeat :(

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      i mean im still in shock was lukin for accomodation n all…i mean up 95 points thats just not fair…trinity! i think im goin to do a plc…never ever repeatin wud rather wrk in dunnes!

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      Awh darlings i would seriously have died if that had happened to me..ah now thats shit..:(:(

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      Go onto the website and check the vacant places tab. It’s unlikely anything not on that will be offered on the 2nd round.

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