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      Hi would really love to do primary teaching but don’t think my irish is of a good enough standard. I got an A in OL Irish in Junior and have TY to improve would i be able to get to HL Standard by end of year? and any tips about how to do it

      Thanks :mrgreen:

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      COLAISTE NA BHFIANN!! go der 4 de next 2 years (rath cairn r sligo as dey are cursa a’s) and youll get an honour! never known anyone to get lower than a b who went there! it got me my a1!

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      Is it possible at all to become a primary school teacher with pass irish?

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      @Ian123 No, I’m sorry I don’t think it is. You’ll have to double-check that with your careers teacher who may know something I don’t, but for entry to any of the five primary school teaching colleges (Pats, Froebel, etc).

      My cousin has completed an Arts Degree and is now looking to do the Graduate Diploma in Education, an 18 month course which qualifies you to be a primary teacher which you can take once you have already completed another degree. She did ordinary level Irish, though and in order to be considered for the course she has to go back and do HL Irish in this year’s Leaving Cert and get the required C grade that all these courses have.

      There’s no real way around it, you need Irish to teach in an Irish primary school – sorry!

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      Do ya have to do an arts degree to do the grad dip or can ya do any degree?? I know i wont get the points so have science courses and childcare down

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