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      Anyone have predictions for the above subjects? im trying to study business at the moment & im finding it next to impossible.. any help would be great.. :D

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      Hr is a big one in business….

      In irish an chead drama for HL poem, jack & nil aon ni Id say will be there & im thinkin fiannaiocht for the history bit

      Im relyin on kavanagh or boland to come up in english

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      hey.. im really strongly thinkin an chead drama, nil aon ni, gealt, jack, an toilean and urchill an chreagin, maybe faoiseamh might sneak in there hope that helps you out a bit huni :D

      and as for english i really think boland has a fair chance of comin up this year

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      Thanks… :) wat bou king lear.. i have a good answer on good vs evil but now im hearing that blindness is coming up..! :O :O

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      what did ye say the unseen poem was about?

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      well apparently it was about a metaphorial winter.. ie standing for depression..i kinda got that but sure its what u make of the poem that counts…

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      i didnt understand the unseen poem atall… much did ye write on it

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      my god irish paper one was soo nice!! i think tomoro willl defo b the death of mr.. theres a quare lot to lean for it with slim chances!! everyone seems to be stickin with the predicitions i gave above so hopefully!!! best of luck to ye all :D[/b][/i]

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