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      what did everyone think of the paper?

      i didnt answer at all on lig sin i gcathu :S

      panicked and couldnt remember anythin.. there goes 40 marks :/

      couldnt think of anythin on stair besides deirdre brennan and one other poet..

      Anyone else have problems?

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      lig sinn wuznt on da paper?

      i thought it was soooo easy :)

      everything i predicted came up! :D

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      What an unreal paper!!! So happy! I only learned 2 out of da 8 honours poets, and Chead Drama came up. Only learned 3 things for stair, and meath na gaeilge and cainiunti came up. The question on clare sa speir was a beauty, lots of options. And a nice question on An Triail about technicí. I hope french goes as well tomorrow!!!

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      thought it was a really good paper :D

      poetry was grand and the stories were grand-nice q on fiche bliain ag fas and cearrbhach….the triail question was a wee bit tricky but

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      *but it wasn too bad at the same time it was managable :D

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      utterly shite .. FAIL . . :(

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      oops sorry i meant fiche blian ag fas..

      i basically just wrote the story of it well of what i could remember can i still get marks? :( x

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