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      Hey people :-) i dropped back to pass Iirsh few weeks ago even tho i passed HL in the mocks :L but neway .. can any1 give me sample letters OR Sceals/stories that i can look over dont have any whatsover.. :/ Cheers x :D :-)

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      Anybody,. ? :(

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      hey, i think im gonna drop down on the day since i got a D2 in the mocks…im using my sister’s FONN 3 book for all that stuff (J.C.)

      try http://www.skoool.ie/skoool/examcentre_sc.asp?id=678

      for some ideas..and help

      if you get a revise wise for pass irish they’d have some sample essays and letters..so best of luck!

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      Sorry im a dope forgot 2 write up in doin the LEAVING CERT.. sorry :L :-)

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