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      does any have any clue whats coming up on d jc irish paper 2mo!??….:Dxxx

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      it depends on which company that supplied your school

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      Not knowing what is going to come up will give you a fairer assessment of how you are getting on at the moment.

      Good Luck,

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      Some pre papers and crap though, and bear little resemblance to the real thing. Our German LC listening was not good enough, so our teacher had to give us a past paper

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      Does anyone know where I could get a good sample answer on this?

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      :) I am starting my pres in 2 weeks…think I’m better off not knowing what’s coming up because at least I’ll have an idea how I’ll do in the real thing.
      Good luck…

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      Some of them are crap – we got the Irish listening one and it was way harded than the past papers we have done

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      If anybody wants Mock papers, msn">

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      I know of a site that you can get the papers from – they are posted by fellow junior and leaving cert student who have had the papers already – they have both the companies that are supplying the pre papers. If anyone wants the site email me

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      cud u pIz teII me that site haha!!!

    • #16659 – its posted under the leaving cert section, there are a couple of threads about papers, but you need to know which company that the paper you are getting are coming from

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      I’m not saying that you should look, but if you want to it is your own choice and I take absolutely no responsibilty

      The moderators have actually stopped people from posting any more papers, but most of them are up there, according to the person i got the site from.

      You could always google them and see what comes up

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      Them threads with papers are gone now, i have a good few collected, if anyone needs them emal or msn (posted earlier)

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      Since when – they were there but the moderators are deleting any more posts about the exams

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      hey could you tell me whats comin up in the deb biology and history papers!! please im dying!!

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      I’ll send you a PM, about the rough topics that are coming up

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      They have deleted the main post where people were just posting the questions on the papers, and they are now baning all people posting papers

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      WHAT IS COMING UP IN BIOLOGY?????????????????????

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      can u tel me dat site plz xx

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      im ny sur wit 1 dis 4 bt i tink its 4 xamcrft
      4 de 2nd paper de poem thems r bas, gra– cnt memba rst
      pro stroy themes r bas nd adh

      letter z sumting 2 du wit u n america n holiday r sumting cnt rememba it reli =]

      hpe dat helps

      oooh nd bi ny chance du u wats cumin up n de french paper HL??


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