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      does anyone know any website that i could go on to practice for the hpat …or is there a book or something please help thanks :-)

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      Found a few sites with practise questions

      HPAT Ireland has some sample questions and also a practise test.

      MED ENTRY has some sample questions and also a FAQ on the HPAT

      There is also a practise book, but I’ve no idea where you would get it. I think any psychometric testing book would help you, as those work on the multiple intelligences theory. Probably the HPAT Ireland site is more important, as they are the company who set the exam. From what I’ve read and heard, the prep courses that are being offered aren’t worth doing, that they don’t really help – but then again that is a personal opinion from those I spoke with

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      my guidance councellor gave me a 200 page practice HPAt with tests etc…

      ask your guidance teacher,im sure he/she also got it.

      also.. as rebelgirl mentioned above,, HPAT website is great try ACER also

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