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      here’s s what we’ve done of mechanics so far…
      if it’s any use to you.
      i type these notes up anyway, i just post them here in case they’re any use to anyone.
      let me know what you thinks ^.^

      displacement (s) – distance ion a given direction

      velocity (v) – m/s or m.s (to the power of -1) m=meters s=seconds

      constant velocity – if an object moves in a straight line and does not
      speed up or slow down

      acceleration – change in velocity per second
      m.s (to the power of -2)

      newton’s equations of motion

      v = u + a t

      s = u t + 1/2 a t(squared)

      v(squared) = u(squared) + 2 a s

      if you’re dropping an object, a = gravity = 9.8 or 10

      newton’s laws of motion

      1. every body will remain at rest or at constant velocity unless an unbalanced
      external fource acts on it
      2. when an unbalanced force acts on a body, the rate of change of the body’s
      momentum is directly proportional to the force, and takes place in the
      direction of the force
      2. every action has an equal but opposite reaction

      corrections? comment me
      – m

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