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      lady macbeth at the start ruthless but later changes.

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      Hi style, sent you a private message too. Hope this of use for you:

      Lady Macbeth ruthless:

      • Uses Macbeth’s masculinity to coax him to commit the ultimate sin, regicide
      • Calls on spirits and gods at the start for help; association with evil? Not the natural order?
      • Attempts to and succeeds in eradicating Macbeth’s human kindness
      • Willing to frame others for the murder of Duncan
      • Believes that water can wash the blood off their hands
      • Hypocrite/ cowardly for not killing Duncan?
      • Faints to draw attention away from Macbeth; lies at feast
      • Suicide – escaping from her troubles through death – a suitable punishment? Does Macbeth suffer more?
      • Willing to sacrifice womanliness for murderous intention without realizing the importance of this womanliness after the crime (preserving the aim of her ambition which has been attained through a crime).
      • Corrupt centre of the world of the play?

      Lady Macbeth changes and later can be pitied?
      • Irreversible nature of deeds realized
      • Suffers, like Macbeth, from a lust for power
      • Good wife; knows her husband’s personality, believes getting the kingship is what is best for them
      • Descent into madness
      • Evidence of her losing a child?
      • Suffers later from internal suffering
      • She suffers much: faints purposely but strain shows during and after the feast
      • Also suffers from the upsetting of the natural order; external Scotland takes its toll
      • Fools herself? She thinks she can carry through the plan but her conscience holds her back. She drinks what she used to drug the King’s minders to give herself courage
      • Her soliloquies are not true; other characters listen
      • Her death is dealt with in very few lines; Macbeth does not mourn
      • Believed making herself evil was possible, but she did not consider the consequences that would come with it
      • Struggles with her femininity, believes it holds her back (although this is not the case)
      • Is she evil? Evil is only used in the England scene. Is evil for Shakespeare the poor human habit and behavior?
      • Does she commit suicide?

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