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      Have many of yous started studying yet, and if so how much / ? :/

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      Im repeating and im struggling to do 2-3 hours per night..trying my best to do more though..im telling you it will be worth the time..in the long run! Im regretting not doing anything last year..and its hard because all my friends are gone to college!

      Can i ask what do u want to do next year?? :) :-)

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      I’m doing about 3-4 hours a night, that includes homework and study. The LC is hard work! 😯

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      I do about 3 hours if homework and study combined and about 5 hours on Saturday

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      usually do about 4 hours hw and study during the week and then maybe 5-6 on saturday and sunday but i find it really hard to concentrate so most of this is just wasted time 😡

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