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      K so we have abou 14 hours left – sleeping time… so what should i cram 4??? đŸ˜¯

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      Well I think the lack of support for the A Thig na Thit orm is awful! Theres loads of help for An Trial , nearly wish I was doing that one instead, so now all I can do is hope I’ll remember all of the story!

      I didn’t do Fiche Bliain last year (repeat) and I had clashing Geog and Irish classes this year! And Geog is a new one for me this year!!

      So with any luck I’m hoping for An t-oilean,magdealeana, an mhathair,jack or fhaoseamh. Though Uirichill is a likely one to come up.. Sickened!

      Also cram cram cram for stair!

      Business is a new one for me this year too, I’d rather study that and get my B nut i don’t want to fail Irish either after passing it last year!

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