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      I got 44 in my mocks h.l which i was happy with
      but my teacher was not happy with the way the papers were corrected and now I have to another mock after school next wedensday and thursday. and she says if i dont pass it Im not doing h.l which is bullsh*t.

      Just looking 4 a opinion?

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      no one can stop u doin higher level if u really want to do it den keep going

      although ur teacher shouldn make u sit another paper she should just go over it herself i had this problem with my french and i got my grinds to go over it and i went from 38% to a C

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      ya i know
      i gt my uncle to correct it and i went up to 52
      my teacher just hates me????????????

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      they should really have been corrected by an outsider

      i wouldn do the test again lol id get the whole class to refuse like haha

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      Your teacher must be crazy – if you drop down to pass at this stage, there is a whole different poetry course, which you would have to cover in about 10 weeks

      I have that problem with my English teacher too – I got 60 per cent in HL and I feel that i have been completely done out of marks. Before the Pres she said that she was going to swap the papers with another English teacher in the school, which I was happy with. But then she corrected them herself, and I know that she definately plays favourites with some people in the class. If I knew that she was going to correct them, I would have asked her to send mine away. IF you don;t use her notes, even though it may be notes from other sources, that are perfect, she’ll mark you down anyway – she only gives marks if you replicate her notes

      There was one day when she gave me back a comparative essay, and said that I didn;t use her notes, even though at least 50 per cent of the essay was quoted from her notes. It is so frustrating!!!

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      ahhhhhh i know that feeling so much !!!

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      Thanks to be God that I’m not alone! there are more in my class that feel like that too, it is just so frustrating

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      Those kind of teachers are flooded with personal pride and ignorance to even consider answers and opinions from outside the classroom.

      She wont be correcting your paper in June so it will not matter. Come August you can shove the A1 in her face! lol

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      The choice of taking Higher Level or Ordinary Level is 100% up to you. The teacher may choose not to allow you in her class and tell you to go to Ordinary Level and refuse to teach you etc. (I’m not sure what the legalities of this are). However, on the day of the Leaving Certificate you will be asked whether you want to take Higher Level or Ordinary Level by the supervisor – your teacher has no influence here. She will more than likely not even be in the same town on the day let alone in the hall saying you are not allowed to take Higher Level.

      This means, even if you have been in Higher Level for all of your Leaving Cert. but get worried on the day then you can choose Ordinary Level or if you were in Ordinary Level and feel particularly confident you can choose Higher Level (not recommended though).

      Levels choices for Leaving Cert. are not like levels choices for Junior Cert. where you have to know what level you want to take by March.

      Hope that helps,
      Mark Conroy,
      P.S. Feel free to quote me to your teacher and/or pm me if you have any other problems with this issue.

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      As far as I know, it is a decision between the teacher and the student what level the student takes – ultimately it is the no ones but the students decision in the end.

      james, I can’t wait to do that – it is actually motivating me to work harder in that subject!!

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      Rebel Girl,

      The choice to take Higher Level or Ordinary Level has nothing (NOTHING) to do with the teacher. He/She is there only in an advisory capacity to tell you what level he/she thinks you are best suited for, but the actual decision is made by the student.

      I have never told a student to take either level. I allow them to make up thier own minds. I do, however, provide advice for them in order for them to make an informed decision.

      Again: it is the STUDENT’S choice. Do not let the teacher make such an important decision for you.


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      The teacher does influence a lot of students as to the level they do – but it is the student who does decide in the end.

      I know teachers who have put pressure on students to drop down a level, and in some cases it was justified in putting pressure on the students as they would have failed otherwise

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      The original problem here seems to be that some teacher is telling some student that he/she will not be allowed to take HL if he/she does not get a certain grade in a repeat mock. This teacher has no right to do this. NONE NONE NONE. The teacher has a right only to advise not to prescribe.

      Yes, the teacher can influence the decision, but, ultimately, the decision is (must be) up to the student. I believe a teacher is open to being sued if he/she decides which level a student should take (especially if that student got an A1 in Ordinary Level – proving that he/she was able for Higher Level – and then did not get enough points for his/her college course).

      Again, any students having difficulty with their teachers on this issue are free to quote me.


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      Has there been any case in a teacher being sued for not leaving the student taking a Higher level paper – I would be interested to read the facts of the case of there were

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      No that case would be thrown out of court pretty damn quickly, the school isn’t obliged to teach you higher level for the leaving its merely a facility for you to learn in AND its up to you on the day if you want to do higher or pass so the school has no responsibility!!!!

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      It’s not up to the teacher which paper the student sits.


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      I know in my school in physics – there is one person who is brillant but is being held back because the rest of the class are pass standard, some who want to do honours, but are failing the subject and have been since fifth year. I don’t think it right for a teacher to keep them doing the higher level standard, while the one person who is good at it is being hindered, and kept back by them.

      I know it does not look good on the teacher or the school for many people to be failing – maybe Eamonns teacher is only thinking about their reputation?

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