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      Hi all :-)

      Well this year hasn’t gone so great. So me getting a good leaving is kinda out of my reach at this stage :(

      Anyway the question i have is how hard would it be to get a B3 in Pass maths (barein in mind i’m crap at it and i’ve never got on with it )

      I finally found a course i like that may give me a bit of a goal then it got ruined by the Math requirement so i dunno at this stage

      Anyway any help appreciated


      A very lost LC student

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      You would be surprised how this type of situation can turn around in your favour.

      The Ordinary Level Maths exam does have an element of predictability. Even a weak student can achieve a B3 from this point in time. This can be done by taking an organised and structured approach to the exam.

      What I would suggest is to prioritise the predicable ‘a’ and ‘b’ part questions. You should target on 4 particular of the ‘b’ questions in time for the Mock exam (2 for each paper)

      Paper I

      Simultaneous Equations (it is part b on Q2 or Q3, 20 marks)

      Differential Calculus(Q7 parts, typical a and b parts, total of 30 marks)

      Differentiation by first principles (Q6 likely 20 marks)

      Factor Theorem (Q2 or Q3 likely 20 marks)

      Paper 2

      Simpsons Rule (Q 1 part b)

      Statistics (Q7 20-40 marks for sure) Practice drawing Histogram, Ogive, and Average from Mid-Interval values.

      Probability & Combinations (Q6) This question is much easier than it looks.

      Linear Programming (Q11 30-40 marks) Practice doing the ‘b’ part from the past papers

      So if you can do 2 or 3 of these for each paper, it will give you a solid start.

      Also practice the ‘a’ parts of as many questions as you can.

      From there start looking at Q4 on Paper I (Complex numbers) and Q5 on paper 2 (Trigonometry). Also use the foundation on Differentiation to finish off Question 7 (paper I) and approach Questions 6 and 8.

      What I am outlining is a general idea of what you need to do between now and the exam. There are other things that may help you on the way, and everyone is different with what their strengths and weaknesses are.

      Put simply:

      Concentrate on few topics/questions first.

      Play your strengths.

      Practice past papers.

      Be patient.

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