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      What should I learn for irish P1 OL? i haven done anything over de weekend.. way to tired!! :( I learned the start and ending for a letter! Any other tips guys??

      Wud be great :D

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      same with me i dont know what to learn…i havent even started on my irish

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      Dam it!! Ive no idea wat to study!!

      Im grand for the comprehensions tho… Grrrr đŸ˜¡

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      thats all u can really study the address,intro greeting, things uave done and things ull be doing & ending, thats where the main marks are collected,but u cant really study the essence of the litir because its given to us in the exam, & for the sceal just learn ow to stick to ur brietha (verbs) , and structure .

Viewing 3 reply threads
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