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      Anyone have ny ideas what poems or stories will come up? Any help would be great!

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      i say nil aon ni mite com up on the a part on the poems along with jack or faoiseamh as for stories i havent a clue but wouldnt mind seeing clare sa speir on the a part

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      Lady on 2fm said she thinks Bimse buam and jack? and se said Bean og and claire sa spair too?! fingers crossed they are righttttt..

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      fiche blian ag fas ,claire sa speir,jack ,nil aon ni, faoiseamh

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      lig sin i gcathu…………. or so my teacher reckons

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      that was on last year we didnt even learn it ??

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      Nil aon ni and faoiseamh and bhean og?

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      OMG Im way too tired to try cram all this crap!! 😯

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      i think i wont do paper 2 just rite my name!! its only 18% haha

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