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      any at all on either paper one or two please .

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      predictions badly needed please………… :?:

      and does any 1 know when this honors irish course began…. ??


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      I don’t know when it began but I do know that this year is the last year of the course.. Its changing.. You either do the novel ( An Triail, A Thig Na Tit Orm) OR the 5 pros! You only do 5 poems and there is no stair! I’d nearly repeat again to get a B in it haha!

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      its changing and thats all thats on d paper 2 :O:O…whattttt?…. awww id love to be doin it next year..!! ragin

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      Please Predictions!!!!!!

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      Poverty Politics…Paper1..

      Jack,Nil aon Ni,Buimse Buan

      Fiche blian,Clare sa speir,Bhean og

      an trail…Characters,,Fimineacht

      an chead drama,Uirchill,an toilean

      there d institute tips anyhow..

      dunno if ya’l get everything but hopefully dey get sme of them rite :)..

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      crime ??? 😥

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      Sorry left that out…yup crime to :)

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      Its next year that’s the last of this course. This yrs 3rd yrs have an easier/different sylabus so the students going into 5th yr will have the shortened course. The oral will be worth 40% which is going to put a lot ofpressure on parents to send their kids to the Gaeltacht!! It will be a better course though, because now it’s prob one of the most difficult/longest honours courses…. wish it had come sooner 😡 🙄

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