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      Hey..i never actually got the chance to do a politics essay..can ya just say lyk the education system is terrible etc becasue the politicians do nothing to improve it…and this results in sciuirse na ndrugai and ragus oil…and then go on to say about how the polticians do nothing and they should be puttin more guards on the street to fix it…and also say how its their fault we’ve such a bad health system and all that?

      could you do that???

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      help i dont know what to say in a poilitiori essay either đŸ˜¯

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      do you think that would be alright?

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      than click polaiteoiri on the right…it might help!!

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      thanks :D…i dont really have time to learn new stuff though so dyu think wat i mentioned above might do?

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      yip it will…basically just say how bad the politicians are…thats what i’m gunna learn…i’m getting up at 3 2 study it…got my red bull and all…what other topics do u think i should learn??any ideas??

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      3 o’clock !ur mad!!

      plan on gettin up at 6! the politics essay havent got netin prepared in relation 2 ne essay just have basic sentences nd il bullshit my way through if politics cums up il tlk bout education,drugs, violence, finance all the problems nd wat the polititians shud do nd stuff dont know if its right but tis all i can do

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      yea thats what im gonna do..and might bring in a bit about irish and how they dont support it because they tried to get rid of it as an obligatory subject and all….

      do you’s no anything that is predicted for the essays?

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