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      did anyone else think the first comprehension and the tapework were a bit tricky??

      nice essays though!

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      yes! both were horrible!

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      was happy enuf with essay but tha first comprehension i found rly difficult.. :?

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      yea the essays were reli good..but the first comprehension was terrible i thought..in comparison to previous years..and the fogra a haon of the tapework the very first one was brutal!

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      i thought the whole bloody thing was impossible.. but in all fairness I suppose the essay “daoine ata i mbeal an phoball” wasn’t too bad wrote 4 pages of rubbish though! :P

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      first comprehesion was impossible :( nd i totally think i did the wrong essay, i did the alt on daione oga but kinda made it so i cud talk about fadhbanna..hope it was ok 😯 thought de tape was grand, first part was hard

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      I reckon i failed… Bluffed a bit on the 1st essay…

      Three lads in my school wrote on bad news instead of good…

      Just goes to show our standard of irish..

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      Thought the whole thing was so easy..had to double check i was given the higher level paper…

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      fuk!! just after finding out that the daoine in mbeal on pobal is celebs! me nd a few others thought it was what people talk about ie criminals nd politicians!!!

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      no i think ya could talk abou any1, loads o the girls in my school did poiltics daoine oga nd that.. it means ppl the public are talkin about..

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      I thought it was grand but we hadn’t prepared any essays at all that would fit in with the titles given… I did the one about importance of good news but went off the topic completely!! :S the reading passages were tough but managable but they were soo boring… Found it hard to stay focused on them, kept drifting off! Hahaha.. What did other people talk about in that essay?!

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      I thought it was a bit tricky! 1st comprehension very hard.. i had no idea what it was about!

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      im an an irish skool an i actually jst cud not do th 1st comprhension i was so pissed off cz i tot h 2 of dem wer much harder den th mocks but den i was so so happy wit my díspóireacht i did on the meath na gaeilge it was reali gud ha cz i had learnd off a question like it 4 geog so i new most of it from dat an i have t say i tot dat listnin test was mad easy i was jst in real bad humore doin th comprehensions so iwasnt even bothrd i hate doin dem lol

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      Oh good jesus I thought it was horrible!

      I did the essay about daoine ata i mbeal an pobail, it wasn’t too bad I went on about the advantages and disadvantages of famous people in the “suila pobail” (made that up and hoped for the best)

      The first comprehension was utter gutter snipe! I spent so long trying t figure it out that had to rush my ceist 2, which wasn’t the worst I’d seen tbh.

      The tape I think was an epic fail haha!

      The munster Irish went at a nice so place, the Donegaul and the Connemara irish zoomed through! I hadn’t a fecking iota what was being said, when normally I can hear those accents just fine ( no offence to anyone with Connemara or Donegaul irish!)

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