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      whats everyone doing?

      im thinkin drugai, daoine oige and eaglais caitleach…

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      will the catholic church come up??

      my teacher has told us ta learn it…..

      but other people and teachers have said it is a topic that is so sensitive at the moment ??

      i would nt mind learnin it doh!

      im doin crime as well!

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      doubt catholice church will come up? hopefully thinking fadhbanna daoine oga? i’ve done that one sport and bochtaineas

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      my teacher said that the catholic church prob wnt come up coz it’s too controversial..prob spelt that wrong but anyways…ya so i’m gunna go culu/polaitaiocht with paragraphs in that on violence,social problems and homeless

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      crime politics, slad, fadhbanna na daoine oga?

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      Du think to no a few bits on the economy, crime, poverty, problems with young ppl will be enough??Hate politics so cant even attempt an essay on it :(

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      yeah i’m sure it will:) exactly so i just refuse to learn it !!!!

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      i heard rascism mite come up anybody else heard that…? :(

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      we did a little bit on that in school alrite b4 we finished up so mayb that was a tip?? You can tlk abou the economy and crime in that aswell…

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      i didn’t hear racism,,, crime?

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      is any1 doing culu eacnamiochta and polateoiri???

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      lolb91 i am the exact same- i hate politics so am definately leavin it out!! I think ill do one on athbheochán na Gaeilge too :?

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