if i do ordinary level for the jc cn i change to higher for the lc???

Forums Junior Cert Maths if i do ordinary level for the jc cn i change to higher for the lc???

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      :ive been getting maths grinds for the last two months nd im getn rly gud at maths now bt im still gonna do ord level for s jc bt cud i change 2 higher level in 4th year???

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      ive been getting maths grinds for the last two months nd im getn rly gud at maths now bt im still gonna do ord level for s jc bt cud i change 2 higher level in 4th year???

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      If you do ordinary level for the JC then no you cannot do higher level for leaving cert (this is the case for most schools). You would not be able for it, the only reason for you to do higher maths is to get a D3 for your leaving cert should you require high points. (Any grade at HL leaving cert always gains more points then pass levels)/

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      so do you mean i should do HL then??

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      Because im capable of getting an A1 in every other subject in the LC but i need HL maths for the job i want to do(medecine);(

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      den u shud defo do higher level for de junior cert. if ur dat brainy dat ur gonna get all A1s den it will be no prob for u 2 catch up in maths.

      i woz in de pass maths class for my junior cert nd did honours on my own (Well with a grind twice a week) from november in 3rd year. den i did honours for de leaving nd got an honour but if i had done pass for de junior cert i wouldnt have had a hope of doin honours for de leaving.

      if ur in de pass class ask ur grind to teach u de honours course from now on. AND VERY IMPORTANT tell ur teacher and make sure the school has u down for the honours exam cos i think they have to send forms into de department. best of luck

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      Just to let you know, A1s aren't that easy to get in the Leaving Cert. The Junior cert is so much easier. You're in 3rd year-how do you know you're going to that well in the leaving Cert!!!!/

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      the worst that can happen is you fail and have to do ordinary level for the LC. but atleast this way you have a chance of doing honours for the LC. there's almost no point in doing Ordinary for the JC.

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      u so defo don’t have a clue about the difference in leaving cert compared to junior cert!!!! I got an A in junior cert HL maths and I’m only a b standard at the best of times at LC so there is no chance you’ll b able for LC HL if you can only manage pass at JC level!! Ordinary level at leaving cert is harder than honours for junior cert !!

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      The level you choose for LC has no bearing on what level you took for JC. You choose your LC level on the day of the LC itself. You could have been in ord. level for whole LC and on the day decide to take higher level (and vice versa).

      Mark Conroy,

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      But just so you know theres a whole class of ordinary level maths for the leaving cert. in my school that got Bs and Cs in J.C hoonurs and werent able for higher level leaving cert!

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      Iw ouldn’t suggest doing it because it will be REALLY hard- but if you really want to do it theres no stopping you- just be prepared for a lot of work

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      The amount of work put in for just one A1 is sickening
      we all start off cocky in jc then
      everything goes dooooownhill :|

      I have alot of respect for people who get A1’s in any higher level subject

      maths for the lc is in a world of its own
      thankfully i dropped but
      it makes all your other sujects grades drop

      and sheila you only need honour maths for royal college of surgeons

      so I suggest staying in honour Irish or if you do music continue with that

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      I’m an A student in alot of subjects in school exams etc
      but when it comes to LC Q’s

      completly different ball game
      the majority of jc work is mainly in school stuff
      to get A1’s in lc
      you;ve got to use your inniotive big time
      research things , learn off verbs and sentences that aren’t in books etc

      I’m not trying to scare you lol

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      you should just try honours 4 d jc and see how ya get on .. ya can always drop downon d day!

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      i wouldn even consider it even 4 JC if uv bin spending up 2 nw doing OL theres not a hope ul catch up. when i did HL for JC we use to be in shock about how easy the OL paper was! The girls in my year now (6th) are finding it so hard to du pass let alone contemplate ever doing honours. Id listen to starleades concentrate on other subjects!

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      hahah!all of us do honours maths here apparantly, yet no ones notices the date by this girls comment.shes in 6th year now, i’m sure shes chosen!

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      Don’t be too sure of yourself smac.

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed the date, but still thought it worthwhile to answer; our responses might help someone else with a similar question.

      Mark Conroy.

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