How do you repeat the LC? sounds thick i know:(

Forums Career Qs (Closed) How do you repeat the LC? sounds thick i know:(

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      i want to try for medicine but might not get the 480 pts as im doing pass maths and find chemistry difficult,everything else would be A-B standard i suppose.
      this may sound quite stupid but how exactly DO you repeat 6th year…what’s the process?

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      You ask your school and they will give you an application form to fill out and tell you wheither or not you can do the subjects you want, if you can’t call up another school but I’d advise you to do all this tomorrow and I’m sorry to tell you but you will need to aim alot higher than 480, if you really want to do medicine because the HPAT is extremely difficult and to get in with 480 LC points you would need to get a 230 at least in your HPAT, aim for 540-550 or so and that should do you, I’m doing ordinary level maths too but doing 7 other higher level subjects so if you have 6 higher level subjects and you get a’s and b’s in them then you should be grand…even 5 higher and 2 ordinary would do its just that if you have only five higher you’ll need even higher grades in those five… you’d havta get all a1s to get 560 even.
      I am in the same boat as you and tottally pissing myself but sure we can only do our best!!! :D

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      ya ull have to aim much much higher………

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      I heard on the 2fm countdown programe on the review of courses 2009 that some students with 590 points didnt get in because they didnt score high enough in Hpat .

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      yes it happened our school…..sad story

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      Same in my brothers school..ah i don’t really agree with the pat at all!!

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      you have a meeting with principal. turn up for school and pay the exam fees rather simple really. however dont even think about this. it is the worst mind set to get into before the leavin cert that you will be repeating.

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      best of luck!

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