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      I am going into 6th year and i’ve done honours irish till christmas and then i dropped down to pass. I was failing honours with no work but im acing pass with no work. I am considering doing teaching (primary) now and thinking of starting back up honours. I was thinking of also getting grinds every week. Is honours irish very hard for the leaving?

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      i did honours for 5th and 6th year but just ended up dropping down on the day last month,something i regret if im honest. honours irish isnt hard for the leaving IF you keep on top of your work,that is: learning your poems and story’s notes really well and having a good store of vocab and grammer for the sometimes unpredictable essays. I felt that in honours you really needed to understand the language, love it. thats why i dropped down, i just felt i didnt know my course as well as i should have:( if you go back and really put some work into it,you could (along with the oral) manage a C or even B…if your getting As easily in pass you prob are good enough for honours, just try harder …so best of luck:D

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      I absolutely love irish and to be honest, having missed the guts of a yr, you’ve missed far too many poems stories and stair…even if you have some of the same stories and poems done…you wont have the standard and detail required to answer in higher level..personally i think you’ve missed far too much to consider going back and you’ve missed out on so much vocab etc..sorry to put a downer on here but im just being honest..if you want to achieve well in higher irish you need to work consistently throughout the two yrs and you’ve already missed almost 1 yr, afterall it is the longest higher course n the education system! sorry.. :(

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      well isnt it that in 5th year both HL and OL do the OL poems/stories on the course, we only started the HL stuff at the end of 5th year..so if you work for it you can still acheive a good enough mark,dont give up easily!:D

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      Brillant course in Carrick on Shannon/Galway/Sligo starting in September for students doing honours lc irish or students wanting to go back to do hons irish for post graduate degree in primary teaching, it depends on numbers whether it will go ahead or not, so if you are interested please contact Thomas O’ Morain on 0860815635 or Marie on 0879157672. Thanks

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