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      i cud sneak sum stuff outa da college library for ya. when do u need it?

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      National Library of Ireland
      Kildare Street Dublin 2.
      Ph. 01 ? 6030200

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      History Teachers? Association of Ireland
      Blackrock Education Centre
      Kill Avenue D?n Laoghaire
      Co. Dublin.
      Ph. 01 2300977
      Website: http://www.htai.ie

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      Library Association of Ireland
      53 Upper Mount Street Dublin 2.
      Ph. 01 ? 6761167
      Website: http://www.libraryassociation.ie

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      Military Archives
      Cathal Brugha Barracks
      Rathmines Dublin 6
      Ph. 01 4975499
      National Committee for History
      Website: http://www.historians.ie

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      try the central library in the ilac centre

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      I am doing the sherman tank during ww2 for my higher level special topic can you recommend any good sources(books etc) or libaries(in the Kildare-Dublin area)?

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      :i cud sneak sum stuff outa da college library for ya. when do u need it?

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      Hi, im going into 6th year in sept and we wer told to consider our special topics over the summer(yes i realise i've left it a bit late!:cool/ Anyway im interested in doing something on prison escapes in ireland, anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks xx

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      im repeating my lc and last year i did my project on hanna sheehy-skeffington but this year i havent a clue any ideas?

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