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      Any predictions on what Hl poems may come up ?????? :?:

      Also any tips on storys nd pass poems for the HL paper ???

      THanks :mrgreen:

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      :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: ❗

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      My friend was in Leeson st for a revision course @ christmas and they said AN t-Oileann, Urchill an Chreagain, An chéad Dráma or Dán do Mhelissa. 🙄

      For the prós, well, they said it might be An Bhean Óg or Clare sa Spéir of Fiche Blian… for compulsory but i don’t think the’ll put B.O or C.S as compulsory.

      I wouldnt say you should only learn one or two though cause look at what happened with the stair last year!! :?

      Oh and that happened because there was a different guy makin out the paper than usual. The guy who usually does it was sick (had a heart attack i think) and apparently they didnt realise it was the exact same! 😳

      As for the aiste, my teacher said an essay on athbheochá na Gaeilge usually comes up in some shape or form, although two came up last year so i dont know :?

      Also problems of youth/in life etc. usually gets a mention. Its a nice topic because you can have a paragraphs on drugs, on violence, racism, alcohol, pressure of life, obesity or anything else really!! 8)

      We have been told to stay away from the scéal unless our irish is very good, and unless you have an actual storyline 🙄

      Anyone have any ideas about An Trial :?: :?:

      Is there always a theme question and a character question :?: :?:

      This course really is the stuff of nightmares :? I want/need and A, (I need an A1 in this or French, and an A2 in the other) And to make sure i get it i have to commit about 3 essays (3pages each), answers on each prós piece (2pages each) on each of the 13 poems (2pages each), 3 answers on An trial (3pages each) and the stair (no idea how long :!:) that’s over 44 pages!!! :(

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      thank u very much hun :D

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      Well i know im not doin higher level anymore but i wudnt trust leesons street predictions they got themm ALL WRONG for the English Poets..just to let yano…! good luck neways x

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      Ommidaaaiizz.. would youu say something on the aiste for CULU EACNAMIOCHTA and POLATEORI wud come upp?? and an trial oh my days, i dnt knw wot to learn for that! any ideas?

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      You’re welcome :D

      Most people got the english predictions wrong!!

      anyway its different teachers and those poems are tipped by most people :? I hope they come up!! I know its a stoopid poem but i hope an t-Oileann comes up cause its really easy :D

      Any ideas for An Trial :?:

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      i havent a clue what on toilean is about? but i have heard it cud cum up :(

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