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      now doncha love me?

      for anyone that missed the translation in class.
      i’ll do the honours ones soon


      a madman jumped onto the six o clock bus yesterday
      wearing pyjamas – with red strpies on them!
      he sat beside a business man wearing a bowler, and carrying a briefcase
      who then held his briefcase tightly!
      three seets down from them, a woman crossed her legs!
      a mother took hold of her child!
      the child looked at the madman!
      the madman smiled broadly!

      the busdriver told the man in the depot!
      the man at the depot rang 999!
      he got the fire brigade first, and when they answered, they asked
      if the madman was on fire, or up a tree
      – he wasn’t!
      the fireman hung up!
      the driver started to sweat!
      “jesus,” he screamed quietly (in case the madman
      heard him) “tell the bloody gardaí!”

      the gardaí came and cleared the road out as far as Ráth Fearnáin!
      the army came with machine guns ready!
      The doctors came with injections and straight jackets
      … the bus came!
      the man with the breifcase was sweating!
      the driver had wet his trousers!
      the lady with the crossed legs still had her legs crossed!
      there was a secretary that was meant to be in an office
      in Ráth Fearnáin half an hour ago!

      the child was staring at the madman!
      the madman was playing with the buttons on his lyjamas
      – and still smiling!
      … the bus stopped!
      … the madman raised his head!
      he recognised the doctor! he recognised the straight jacket!
      he was still laughing when he jumped up and ran out the door of the bus
      into the hands of the doctors! into the straight jacket that was in their hands

      inside the bus, a sigh of relief erupted!
      no one spoke but the child –
      “mum, why won’t you let me wear my pyjamas
      on the bus?”

      níl aon ní

      there’s nothing, my dear,
      nicer than the thrush twilight
      in Caiseal na gCorr

      there’s no nicer sight
      that the tin bucket of the sky pouring
      light onto Inis Bó Finne

      if you would come, my love,
      there would be words blossoming from the stem of my mouth
      like the wild iris of Gleann an Átha

      and you would hear fairy music
      in the tinkling of bluebells
      in the Fána Bhuí woodlands.

      but you would much prefer
      the dirty, smoggy satellite town of Dublin
      and the unending noise of traffic,

      instead of living in a peaceful mountaneous region
      where the day’s fog quietly falls in the night
      from Mín na Craoibhe.

      bímse buan ar buairt gach ló

      i am always sad every day,
      weeping strenuously and about to cry,
      because he left us, the lively boy
      and there are not stories of him to be heard

      he is my hero, my lively lad,
      he is my leader, lively lad;
      i got no peaceful sleep
      since he went overseas, my lively lad

      the cuckoo no longer sings sweetly in the evening
      they are truly noble warriors lacking in energy
      they are wise men and scholars that are sad and heartbroken
      since the lively boy left us

      the sun doesn’t rise on time;
      there is a dark cloud of sorrow over the face of the moon,
      the sky is agitated with big thunderstorms
      blowing against a distant mountain because the lively boy is gone

      the small wooden harp doesn’t play sweet music
      the poets are upset, and cannot write poetry
      the young women are sad every day
      since the lively boy left us.


      he was a strapping blond lad,
      the son of a farmer from the west,
      he wil not remember that i was there that night
      dancing on the cement floor

      but i won’t forget his arms around me
      his quiet laugh, his mannerly speech –
      in his white shirt and his combed hair
      yellow under the light of the lamp running low on oil

      his father will leave the land to him
      he’ll get married and he will raise children
      but he will never be the way i saw him again
      oblivious to everyone elselike he was when i ‘liked’ him

      may he always prosper!
      i wish luck and happiness wherever he is!
      may he succeed because he is nice
      he was my favourite partnes of that summer

      faoiseamh a gheobhadsa

      i will get relief
      for a little, short while
      amongst my people
      on an island of the sea
      walking along the sea side
      morning and evening
      from monday to saturday
      back at home

      i will get relief
      for a little, short while
      amongst my people
      from heartbreak
      from mental turmoil
      from joyless solitude
      from insulting speech
      back at home

      i do these for my own notes. i’ll post the honours ones as soon as i have them typed up.
      i’m only in fifth year, so i haven’t them all covered yet.
      any corrections, just post them down below. =]

      – m

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      let me know, and i’ll post the rest. if no one wants them, there’s not really much point…

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      AllHonours Admin

      Hey just.some.girl,

      Thanks a million for uploading your hard work. They will definitely come in handy for the community. If you have time, keep them coming :)

      Best of luck,


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      Thanks for the translations ……. they are great!!! They really help when goin thru the exam papers!!

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      thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!!1

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      omg thanks so much ur a sta

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      omg thanks so much ur a star

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      wow dat poem gealt is mad!!!
      never knew al dat before HA
      so funny…well just kinda random

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      if you could put the honours irish poems up in english it would be the greatest help
      especially at this late stage.


      thanks so much for pass poems

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      i’ll put them up tomorrow, if i get the chance. they’ll definately be up by the weekend
      just getting distracted by summer tests right now.
      glad you find them useful.
      oh, an chéad dráma is up there already, if you look in my track thingey.
      i haven’t done all the honours poems yet though. i think i’m missing two. i can still try to translate them, but they’ll be iffy…

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      got them up now. (well, a few anyway)
      three hundred and ninety views. =P i should charge for this. YOU ALL OWE ME A EURO EACH =P
      wow, that’d be so great.
      anyway, i’ll add a link.


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      u areee such a legend……..=]

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      JUST SOME GIRLthanks so much for the translations can you email these to me at"> you really are a gr8t person,good luck with all future exams,

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      ummm i guess i can… i dont have the other ones done. well i do, but they’re on my other computer, which broke =l well not so much broke as died a horrible, slow and painful death.

      yeah i’ll send them now.

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