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      is there anyone there who could help me make out a plan and actually carry it out?? if you can..write back!!

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      :is there anyone there who could help me make out a plan and actually carry it out?? if you can..write back!!

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      Hi Maggie

      revision checklists are available from for both the junior and leaving cert exams

      This website also gives advise on studying click here

      Study Skills Tips – Revision and Examination Strategies have also been discussed before on this forum click here

      Advice on dealing with the stress of exams


      Ok, first of all breath, advice to you is to sit down for an hour one night and plan it yourself. Everyone has their own way of studying and will have their own unique plans which will work for them. You have to remember that yes you can study all the hours that god sends but its quality not quantity that really counts. So if you are too tired cut out an hour of study, you have to, no use being asleep while trying to study.

      Also when you do sit down to do your study plan make sure that you factor in the things you like to do, like your favourite tv show, football … whatever, you need to relax and see your friends as well. Might be an idea to ask your teachers which areas they think you need to focus on and they may if you ask nicely help you put a plan together …

      Now on to the health idea … you need to make sure that you are getting a balanced diet and you are doing some sort of excerise everyday, you need to keep your body in peak condition. As is said a healthy body is a healthy mind …

      Also if you find its all getting a bit too much for you, talk to someone, a teacher, a friend, your parents … dont suffer in silence talk to someone. "…USSONLINE given here

      Practice the official papers and improve your exam answering technique, good answering technique is just as important as what you know…am a big believer in practicing the exam papers!! For many reasons the main one being that this is what you will be facing into cum June, Practice makes perfect etc. access the offficial solutions on the department of education's website ie click here

      "one of the best study strategies coming up to exams is to focus in on past exam papers, it will get you used to the format and style of question while in itself is a form of study. Remember it helps you to test timing on questions and papers as well so it is a very useful tool for you.

      One thing I will say is that it is quality and NOT quantity study that is the best, also every person is different and has their own way of studying so you cant really compare … like if one person does 8hours in a night and the other does 2hours … who is going to remember more … 9 times out ten i will probably be the person who did 2hours good study rather than 8hours full of distractions and so on … "…USSONLINE given here

      More on accessing the exampapers and solutions

      Click on exams material archive. On the blue menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This should expand the menu and give you new options to click the one's you'll need are Marking Scheme and examination papers

      Oh and click the checkbox to access this section (I have read etc). Then select what you want from the drop-down menus on screen.

      Finally you might need to install acrobat reader to view the papers. Acrobat reader is just a computer program and it is available free on the web there's a link on the page that says Get acrobat reader on the very bottom of the page just under the blue menu on the left-hand side.

      Hope this was helpful sorry I can't help you actually carry all this out that's up to you but a study plan that incorperates revising a topic followed up by practicing exam papers is a good one and one I'd recommend.


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