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      Ok a few areas to cover here. [1] Dont let your teachers stress you out. Yes the Junior Cert is going to be difficult but it will be manageable. What you need to do is decide on what kind of results you want. This should help you set goals that wil

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      take a diffrent day subjects each nite get to bed at about 11 every nite dont get stressed out over this every one worries about this kind of thing hope this helps

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      Hello! I am in 3rd yr at skool and am going to do
      my junior cert. i am under pressure from my teachers as they keep saying
      that the junior cert is very difficult. i am very worried about all the
      written projects that are needed for the junior cert. Most of my subjects
      are honours-Maths History Geography Business Studies Home Economics
      Spanish etc. i am finding it very difficult to sort out a study plan . TONS
      AND TONS of learning and written homework at night slows me down. i dnt get
      to my bed until 2 in da morning. i get up a 7. i get very little sleep and
      so i am tired ALL the time. I have no time to sort out a study plan. My
      classmates have sorted out their study plans but most of da class are doing
      ordinary level. i would like your advice on trying to set up a study plan
      and get 9 hours sleep on the same night!!!! Many Thanks. Write back as soon
      as possible!!!

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      :Ok a few areas to cover here. [1] Dont let your teachers stress you out. Yes the Junior Cert is going to be difficult but it will be manageable. What you need to do is decide on what kind of results you want. This should help you set goals that wil

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      email me for a study plan for maths and business studies at">

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      Ok, first of all breath, advice to you is to sit down for an hour one night and plan it yourself. Everyone has their own way of studying and will have their own unique plans which will work for them. You have to remember that yes you can study all the hours that god sends but its quality not quantity that really counts. So if you are too tired cut out an hour of study, you have to, no use being asleep while trying to study.

      Also when you do sit down to do your study plan make sure that you factor in the things you like to do, like your favourite tv show, football … whatever, you need to relax and see your friends as well. Might be an idea to ask your teachers which areas they think you need to focus on and they may if you ask nicely help you put a plan together …

      Now on to the health idea … you need to make sure that you are getting a balanced diet and you are doing some sort of excerise everyday, you need to keep your body in peak condition. As is said a healthy body is a healthy mind …

      Also if you find its all getting a bit too much for you, talk to someone, a teacher, a friend, your parents … dont suffer in silence talk to someone.

      Union of Secondary Students, Education Officer

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      wat r u on about the junior cert. is a doddle its nothing in d grand scheme of things it not important at all no employer will ever look 4 it its only lik a mini preparation 4 the leaving cert. and even at that… its college dats wat dy luk 4
      dont wori about it there really is nothing 2 worry about
      im a levain cert student now nd im tellin ya i was stressd ou 4 d jc bu it reallly jus flew by so wat im sayin is ur jus stressin ou bou t all 4 notin ur wastin ur tym! even dou u mytnt lyk dis nd im bein a bit harsh i kno its tru 4m experience…
      i did practiacally notin was ou most of d tym ne chance i got 2 try nd relax nd i did stress ou massively nd had a big panic attack bu n d end i got 5 A 4B nd a C irish all honours im NOT naturally smart by no means and i fail alot bu i go 2 skool nd listen sumtinmes n class s bu i was relaxd on d day n d test nd dats wat got me threw! uv jus gota relax uv got weeks nd weeks b4 den nd 1 week free b4 hand nd u get loads dun den!
      teachers put stress on me as wel bu dy jus do dat so dat u study my mother s a teacher nd se says t herself dat se makes her students scared so dat dy will work..
      f u hav attended all year (by dat i mean not skippd aload or hav been really sick or out 4 months in 3rd year) and done ur homework occassionally lyk i did u wil c dat whil u tink dat der s loads still 2 do nd u tink u dnt kno it all or any of t lyk i did u wil c dat once ur n der sitin dwn lukin at d page dat d answers jus pop outa nowher u wil c dat u actually did kno it all it jus decides 2 come ou at d last minute bu dats wen it really counts!!!

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      I was pretty much the same as you for junior cert… worrying will get you nowhere, trust me on this one. 3hours study a night is plenty for junior cert… 2 will suffice! Just relax take a deep breath and find comfort in the fact that Junior Cert is nothing more than a warm up for the real thing!

      As for a study time table… no need, just write down all you need to do for each subject and put a star beside all the ones that you think are difficult… every time you complete something on the list cross it off… it’s really satisfying!!

      Good luck and most of all CHILL OUT!!

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      The junior cert is the most important thing in your life when you are in 3rd year, the same as the LC is the most important thing when you are in 6th year.

      I’d advise looking at this site – it has revision lists that you should print out, and tick off things as you do them – the lists look daunting at first but there is great satisifcation at being able to tick things off.

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      take ur subjects….rate them 1 to 7 1 being wrst…………..for the top 3 wrst give 2 hr slots of study each to these over the week and the others 1 hr my way of studying lol

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