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      the same questions have come up each year in different wording does ne1 think its a good idea jus to repeat these questions and learn them off for the exam???

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      It is a good enough idea alright, we have just been doing exam papers, but because the course is so new, i’d have a look at what is supposed to be asked in each question under the syllabus, see if has come up. With the geoecology option, there is three questions that have not come up, and are pretty likely to come up.

      Doing exam questions is the best way to revise and learn, so I’d advise it for every subject – we were told at the start of the year that our exam papers are our new bibles!!!

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      ya actually i havent looked at them in th syllabus yet ive every question from 2007 nd 2006 and sample papers done out well the repeated ones and then the ones that havent been repeated…its pretty basic tho!!

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      I’d say you should be pretty covered, but then again there is nothing sure in life or the leaving cert. What is your elective option?

      we didn;t have that done for the pres, but all the people doing business just used their knowledge from business in doing the economic

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      As I have said on numerous occasions the questions that can possibly be asked on the paper is limited and is restricted by the syllabus. There are plans in the future to change the syllabus slightly but this wont come in for ye so ye are lucky! It might come in, in september 08 for the 2009 exam but still very unlikely.

      Firstly you can learn off the biome which is piss to put honestly. Secondly you can learn the processes involved in the formation of a landform of your choice. Thirdly you can be pretty damn sure that you will be asked the primary, secondary or tertiary activities in an irish, european or non european region. That in itself is a very good foundation for getting a good result in the exam and not to mention the already completed GI which is worth 20%.

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      ya you shud learn them off our teacher said in the regional section you have to be asked a question on sub continental region our is india and a periphal region as a qus always cums up !!! Use ur exam papers

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      I’m in the institute in dublin and our teacher says that for geoecology the “human impact on a biome” should be one of our priorities in june if thats any help to ya?! x

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