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      i didnt do french in 1st year then i started doing it from 2nd year and so i was put in pass class and got an A in junior cert now im in 5th year and doing honours but im not sure whether to keep it or not coz i missed everything on grammer im strugling to keep my a B do u think shud i keep it in honours or just relax and do pass ..(i wud like to do honours though )

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      hey littledaisy!
      i definitely think you should stay in honours, it sounds like youre motivated enough.this is the way i see it, even in pass, youre still going to have to know the basic grammar rules, tenses and vocab(those which youwould have learnt in 1st year).and like french is not something like maths where you can predict the questions and topics to cover, in a language anything could come up!seriously, imagine getting a bad paper in pass and coming out with 40 points??whereas you could do okayish, not necessarily great in the honours paper and come out with 65 points!at the end of the day its about what points you need, if you dont know yet then dont chance it by limiting your options!and if in the end you decide to drop down, at least your level (no matter how crap it may be) of french should be able to assure you an A2 or even an A1 in pass!good luck, i hope you stay in honours!!
      tania xx

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      Excellent reply tania.

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