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      Wondered if you have any sample answers for/against a debate entitled ‘Are the ideals of society a thing of the past?’


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      no sample answers I’m afraid but the way I would approach it would be to:

      take 4 points – 3 in favor of whatever stance you take, 1 in opposition – this one you will shoot down to reinforce your stance

      I would go for the motion that “the ideals of a society are a thing of the past”. Some points I would think about are:

      what are the ideals of a society? relationships, common beliefs between people etc.
      the rising crime rate in our society – anarchism – look at social problems this causes for the elderly etc. Select few ruining quality of life for others

      drug and alcohol abuse rising – our city is in freefall not only on weekends but every night of the week – look at social problems this causes for others, but still ppl carry on

      pollution – damaging our environment; but government still do little about it despite population’s concerns

      disrespect to the garda by certain sectors – reason for rising crime rate? but again only a select few

      the unfair pay structure of our society – compare e. g taoiseach’s salary to a nurse’s. but some, e. g government, still see this as justfiried

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      ..This was an essay title which came up in the 2007 Leaving Cert Composition section (Section 3, Paper I). You were instructed to write a speech to your classmates about it. I decided to write about the state of the country, and I did so in a way which could probably be considered an answer to ‘Are the Ideals of Society a Thing of the Past?’.

      The points I used were:
      -Criminals in Politics
      How politicians never come through on pre-election promises
      How things are said over and over and over but never done
      -Social Problems in General..
      Inadequate schools and education as a whole
      Justice system not coping with Ireland’s Americanisation
      -The Environment
      People in the First World’s carbon footprint, and the repercussions on the Third World?
      America’s sickening refusal to sign the Kyoto Agreement

      And, as John mentioned, when debating you should always back up what you think with an opposing point to cross reference with your three main points..

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