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      Need ideas, info, etc on Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry.Liks to sample A Grade essays would be gratefully received. The poems I have “studied” are Questions of Travel, A Prodigal, Sestina and The Filling Station. Bad choices? Not enough? Any common themes or insights?? Anything!!?I’m in a bit of a panic (can you tell..) any help appreciated!

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      Questions of Travel – Poem concentrates on individuality and the values and ideology of travel. The act of travelling is a central metaphor and symbolises the poets hope of searching for her identity.

      The Prodigal – Explores the poets own struggle with alcoholism by making reference to the parable of the Prodigal Son. Notice the irregular rhyming scheme structure of the 2 sonnets of equal length which has a mirror effect of the feeling of isolation which is associated with the mind of an alcoholic.

      Filling Station – Bishop experiences a moment of epiphany in this poem as unsignificant details of life on the petrol station slowly emerge. Bishop is forced to believe that everybody is loved by someone, even though this was lacking in her own shocking childhood. ( Loss of mother to mental illness after father’s death )

      Sestina – Discuss stylistic features possibly?

      Hope this helps!

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