does anybody have a proper way to structure irish sentences?

Forums Leaving Cert Irish does anybody have a proper way to structure irish sentences?

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      does anybody have a proper way to structure irish sentences?
      im in honours irish and i havent a clue really how to go about structuring sentences . . . i need help quick as i am intending to sit honours irish for my leaving cert in june 2008!
      is there any1 who can help me?

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      im willin to help!

      wat exactly do u need?


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      If you cant put together your sentences by this stage then you should consider going back to pass. Im not trying to be a bastard leane but whats better? Failing your honours irish or passing your leaving cert and being able to go to college?

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      what did u get in de junior in irish?

      if u got an honour chances r ur fully capable of formin sentencec nd r jus lackin confidence!

      as i said above im willin 2 help!


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      A great example of how to form a sentence in English. 8)

      what did u get in de junior in irish?
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      ders not much wrong wit dat! but neways im fluent in irish got de fainne oir 2 prove it! no need to be arrogant

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      Nílim borb agus drochbheasach ar bith! Nílim éadochasach ar bith! Ach is fuath liom daoine áirithe cé go úsáideann siad focal ‘slang’! Cuireann sé olc agus déisteáin ormsa!

      Tá Gaeilge níos flúirsí agam chomh maith mar oibrím go dian sna teanga agus mar thoradh, faighim na torthaí ag deireadh an lae.

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      ye well clearly if you think calling the junior cert the ‘junior’ slang you have major problems!

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      AllHonours Admin

      Fighting in Irish – that’s a productive method for learning :) Keep it up….. :D

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      May I allude to your comment where you call the junior certificate ” de junior” ( which I specifically highlighted when replying to your comment) and not ” the junior” which you now claim is what you had said first hand.

      God, life is full of irony and contradications………

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      hey ah i’m in the same boat as thou…i wish i could help..but i’m intending on sitting the honours….i find in poetry and the pros and an trail is all just learning. best advive i can give is just put the verb at the begining of the sentence. best of luck btw

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      I’ve the same problem! I’m like useless as putting irish sentences together which means I have alot of problems doing the essays…hope u do well tho :( lol

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      tanx u to . . im ok with the essays as my teacher gives us the pages with loads of sentences wrttien down on them . . . it is like answering the tape that i fall down on the most.

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