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      So does any1 know how to go about becoming a teacher in a school for deaf children? Cant seem 2 find a course anywhere đŸ™„ please help if u know thanks :-) :D

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      i think you can just do normal primary teaching and then do something like the special ed course in pats after!! you prob dont even need that!

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      Its the same way as you would do a normal teaching course – my friend is deaf and she did Sports Science in Dublin, and is completing a B.Ed in PE in Limerick.

      You qualify in exactly the same way as you do a normal teaching course, and apply for a deaf teaching school. I’m presuming you know sign language, AFAIK ISL is the most commonly used. Teaching deaf children is different, and even though you might not need another qualification, I’d advise doing some course of some kind in special needs teaching, just so you can understand the strategies for teaching hearing impaired children. The normal B.Ed programmes focus on hearing children.

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