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      Does anyone know d best way 2 start off a question for a comparative question my texts r jane Eyre strictly ballroom and cats eye ? How many comparative points wud u need?

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      answer whatever question is asked of you, straightaway. list the points you will answer e. g

      ‘LIterary genre is the way the story is told. This is achieved through setting, genre, text type and narrative structure’.

      then say the texts you are going to study, and abbreviate them; you can them use these abbreviations for the rest of the answer instead of writing out the titles of your text for the remainder of the answer.

      You need four paragraphs, each of which focuses on one point of the genre you are talking about. You will make two comparisons in each paragraph, which will result in the amount of comparisons you need – 8.

      For more check out my LC English notes on this site. Also I am holding a one-day workshop for LC English on the 3rd May focusing partially on what you are wondering about, how to structure answers for each section of the exam, and what you need to know about approaching and forming each answer. More info at

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      thanks for the advice it helped ! Every comparative point you make does it have to relate to the 3 texts or can you refer to only 2 texts to make a point ?
      I am also doing the theme of apperance vs reality which is very strong in strictly ballroom and jane eyre but not so much in my 3rd text cats eye is there any way i can over come this problem ?

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      mention each point to the three texts, otherwise you will not have enough comparisons to get full marks.
      I know it sounds so crap but you need to find some way to get the theme in your third text. Look for it is placed in alternatively, in a different or hidden manner.

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      Ok thanks 4 d help think i understand what 2 do now!

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      Ok thanks 4 d help think i understand what 2 do now!

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      Ok thanks 4 d help think i understand what 2 do now!

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