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      hi im in college but need help on valence bonding.ANY ONE BE ABLE TO HELP??THANKS /

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      :hi im in college but need help on valence bonding.ANY ONE BE ABLE TO HELP??THANKS /

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      To start from the begining

      valancy refers to the number of electrons a atom must gain or lose to have a full outermost shell of 8 electrons (V. stable configeration) for an atom.

      so how do you work this out ?

      well atoms contain electrons to figure out how many you must look at a periodic table (periodic tables are always provided in exam situations, however it might be worth your while learning of the the symbols for the different elements, know the first twenty and then elements like silver, lead copper and gold: any others I recommend to learn off would be any other element n your lecture notes)

      Valency is important when it comes to chemical bonding.

      for more of an explaination click here

      chemical bonding can be one of two types

      either it is ionic (where electrons are gained or lost in table salt Sodium Chloride NaCl) or covalant (where electrons are shared as in the bonding that exist in carbon compounds)

      when you work it out you'll see that all the elements in the same column as carbon in the periodic table form covalent bonds. (group 4 elements…ie so called as four rows over in periodic table)

      Well theres the basics….but I know college chemistry is a little more advanced then this…so what else do you want to know???

      Hope this gets you started


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      P.S. Tutorial on the periodic table….you'll possibly need earphones…click here

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      hi thats help alot thanks/

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