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      I’ve decided I reckon I’d be well able for the honours Irish, but I dont know whether I can just ask for the higher level paper on the day? I’ve heard of people doing it for other subjects but I’d rather not waste my time cramming for it if i’ll be stuck doing pass anyway.. cheeers :-)

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      i think you are able to change your mind on the day…..did you do pass for 5th year

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      They usually let u drop on the day! Im not sure about going up! Id cram and beg the person to let you go up! Just start crying that usually works! :)

      Good luck

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      No I only dropped recently, and I’ve been in the honours class just sitting doing nothing for the last month or two so I havent missed much! Hmmm I hope ye’re right, I’d have no bother resorting to the water works if need be :D

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      its no prob.. u can ask for what ever level you want on the day :D

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      that form you filled in a couple of months ago about your subject choices and levels would propably have you down for higher. i doubt they would even know that your had dropped down to ordinary level.

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      Yeah but my form says I’m doing ordinary level :? will that get changed or…??

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      Ya u deffinitly can its up to yourself. I’m a repeat so did English on my won for an eas A1 in pass and filled in pass on the form but thought that since i have al the higher stuff covered that i might aswel do honours cos the max i can get in pass is 60 points but ya theyl have spare ones :-)

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