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      just wondering is 500 words really enough?

      could anyone list a number of topics to cover that keep repeating,

      this section is my worst by far any help tks in advance :D

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      it feels like an age since i did it. its only been four months.

      current affairs is a definite

      educational system

      health system


      potical system

      irish as a language

      crime and violence

      thats the kind of things you need to be looking at i think

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      I wrote around 3 1/2 pages for mine I think so between 550-600 words. It’s less about the word count and more about your use of Irish, while obviously don’t write half a page and hope that that’s enough, don’t stress too much about the length.

      I think the best thing to do is make sure that your grammar is as perfect as you can get it. I learnt off 1/3-1/2 page long sections on most of the topics Sod it mentioned and also a number of useful linking phrases. Then I just threaded together what I could to suit the essay title I chose.

      Learning off an essay can either work brilliantly or end terribly depending on the titles…one guy in my year flew through his essay in 25 minutes, one girl started crying the second she looked at the titles as none of her essays fitted them…!

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      You should really be writing between 500-600 words. (Over 3 pages)

      Go through the past exam papers and take down each title. Start practicing! Practice makes perfect! :-)

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