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      hey, im doing my JC this year, but I have to choose 4 subjects for the next 3 years
      What careers could I have if i choose geog, french, biology and art?
      (i like social & economic geog best)
      thanks in advance ;)

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      Having a science ie biology and a language, you can do most careers out there. Some engineering courses and medicine courses you could not do, but there are def. loads of careers out there.

      When we were making our subject choices in 4th year, we were told that we should take a science and a foreign language, plus two other subjects, as those choices keep the most career options open. So don’t worry about it!

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      When we were picking subjects in 3rd year for the leaving cert we were told that you should do at least one science subject because apparently it reduced your career choices by 30%. Sounds very high doesnt it?

      I like to think that I do 3 sciences because I do chemistry, biology, and geography ( which is considered a science subject by trinity college! lol )

      Geography can be very useful for jobs such as teaching, airline pilot, air traffic controller, town planner, county council jobs, some types of engineering especially civil, the guys who make out the ordance survey maps i.e OS Ireland. There are probably hundreds of jobs where it would be useful but not essential.

      Something like chemistry would be essential for medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy etc.

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      if you look up on qualifax courses relating to those subjetcs
      might help a bit get an idea what you would be really interested in before you make your decision :]

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      There are plenty of careers out there – I found the field work to be the best part of our geography course – it is a practical enough subject, you will use some of the info again, compared to some other subjects

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      if you like social and economic geo the best (like me) then economics is by far the subject to pick, its horrible for the leaving but my sister is doing it in college and some of the stuff is just fascinating and the added bonus is economics and geography overlap as much as applied math and math funny enough

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      We didn;’t have our economic elective done for our geography pre, but all the business poeple were able to do it. Our geo teacher even had to give one of the classes paper to our business teacher because the product life cycle came up, and she wrote it out from a business perspective, and our geo teacher did not have clue about it

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