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      :graph function y=(f(x))

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      graph function y=(f(x))

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      Pick some values for x e.g. -2 -1 0 1 2.
      Calculate f(x) for each value; this gives you a pair of numbers x f(x).
      f(x) is y so you can plot each pair as (x y) points.

      There must be more in the original question — whats f(x) given as?
      For example

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      Let's say you want to graph the function 5x-7y+10=0.

      The steps are as follows:

      Set up your graph. Draw in your X & Y lines and divide them.

      Choose any number for X. Let's say we choose 1 here. Then we get 5(1)-7y+10=0, i.e that 15=7y. So y=15/7. So one point is (1,15/7).

      Repeat the above for different valuse of x. Let's say we choose 5 this time. Then we get 5(5)-7y+10=0, i.e 7y=35. Therefore y=5. So another point is (5,5).

      After getting a number of points, join them up as carefully as you can. You now has graphed your function/equation.

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